1. “Bustin’ at ‘Em”      
2. “Hard in da Paint”      
3. “TTG (Trained to Go)” (featuring French Montana, YG Hootie, Joe Moses, Suge Gotti & Baby Bomb)    
4. “Bang” (featuring YG Hootie & Slim Dunkin)    
5. “No Hands” (featuring Roscoe Dash & Wale)  
6. “Bricksquad” (featuring Gudda Gudda)    
7. “F*ck the Club Up” (featuring Pastor Troy & Slim Dunkin)    
8. “Homies” (featuring YG Hootie, Popa Smurf & Ice Burgundy)    
9. “Grove St. Party” (featuring Kebo Gotti)  
10. “O Let’s Do It” (featuring Lil’ Cap)    
11. “Karma” (featuring YG Hootie, Popa Smurf & Slim Dunkin)    
12. “Live by the Gun” (featuring RA Diggs & Uncle Murda)  
13. “For My Dawgs”      
14. “G-Check” (featuring YG Hootie, Bo Deal & Joe Moses)    
15. “Snake in the Grass” (featuring Cartier Kitten)    
16. “Smoke, Drank” (featuring Bo Deal, Mouse & Kebo Gotti)    
17. “F*ck This Industry”      

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